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A Peaceful Place to Work


We’ve worked in Manhattan skyscrapers with no windows to the sky.

We’ve worked in Brooklyn warehouses and co-working spaces.

We’ve worked in coffee shops and railroad apartments.

We’ve worked from Yellowstone National Park and we’ve worked from the Badlands.

We’ve worked on planes, in trains, and many places in between.

We’ve worked in a van that was also our home.

We’ve worked in a room of our house.


And now, we are happy to say that we have a studio space to call our own.  We have camera gear piled high, we have four huge windows, and we generally have The Office playing while we work.  It’s our own place to think, to drink coffee, and to make stuff.  But best of all, it’s ours and we can come and go as we please.  Here’s a little glimpse into my (Kelly’s corner).

Now, back to work…