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Beacon, NY

A weekend spent in Beacon, NY – eating lots of food and consuming lots of art.  Here are some of our favorite spots… Dia Beacon | For contemporary art including favorites Sol Lewitt, Richard Serra, Louise Bourgeois, Blinky Palermo, and Agnes Martin Storm King | For contemporary art in the outdoors, hike around the beautiful grounds…

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The Last Fisherman

Photos from an afternoon with our neighbor, Rhode Island legend and septuagenarian fisherman, Bill Beattie.  We shared fried oysters with his Portuguese water dog Cruz and explored the odds and ends of antiquity in his attic perch.  He showed me a cartoon projector fueled by kerosene and a telescope made by his father to look…

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Pemaquid Mercantile

The very most beautiful shop with artfully found and curated articles that happens to be located in the barn of our friend Alex.  If you’re in mid-coast Maine, make sure you stop by for a perusal. Pemaquid Mercantile

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Pemaquid Fish

We met our friend Alex on the very first leg of our cross country journey as he was just starting to build the shop in his barn : Pemaquid Mercantile.  Two years later, we’re still buds and falling more in love with his little corner of Maine. Head over here for more photos of the trip

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Off the Road

Brendan and I are excited to see our memories, adventures, and photos on the pages of Off the Road. Here is a brief description from the editors that is better than we could have described it : “Off the Road is a collection of outdoor adventures and the vehicular travel companions and equipment that make them…

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A Peaceful Place to Work

  We’ve worked in Manhattan skyscrapers with no windows to the sky. We’ve worked in Brooklyn warehouses and co-working spaces. We’ve worked in coffee shops and railroad apartments. We’ve worked from Yellowstone National Park and we’ve worked from the Badlands. We’ve worked on planes, in trains, and many places in between. We’ve worked in a van…

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A Night in Providence at The Dean Hotel

Minimal yet rich design. Check. Locally made room snacks. Check. Exquisitely designed maps & things-to-do lists. Check. Stellar magazine selection in the lobby. Check. Strong coffee on the premises. Check.   Celebrating our 3 years together at the Dean Hotel

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Kammok :: Pack Up & Leave

We chatted microadventures, music, and our beginnings with our friends over at Kammok. Read the full interview over here. “From the moment we decided to set out on this journey, we started brainstorming.  I was jotting down words and phrases in my Moleskine – as writers and creators, it was important to us to share…

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She Explores :: Women on the Road

Gale of She Explores interviews women who have traded in a stationary life for one of exploration – psyched to have met Gale early on in our trip and talk with her about our journey. Read Kelly’s full interview here. “Once the idea came to us – to work as we travel and build a…

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High Sierras with Shwood

We met the good people of Shwood eyewear out in Portland, Oregon to trade travel stories and see how they make their goods. The process was one of craftsmanship and precision – not unlike the building of a skateboard deck.  Shading our eyes with the protection of natural elements sounded like a match made in ocular…

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“That was cool.” It’s a simple enough phrase and I’m sure we’ve all heard it — but every time I read that short sentence, I hear my dad’s voice. It’s his expression of excitement, happiness, and shared experience. Maybe I’m reading into such a potentially throwaway phrase, but maybe I’m not. Traditions are things I’ve…

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Moonrise Kingdom

Eighteen months ago, Brendan and I drove from Brooklyn to the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  We spoke of a crazy idea – of leaving the city and starting something together. Twelve months ago we were driving through Jamestown on the first leg of our journey – we had done it.  We had moved…

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Sand Trails with Danner Boots

When Brendan and I lived in New York City, we looked at maps in a very certain way – a way that showed us how to travel underground, inside of boxed cars, on a rail that led you to a specific location with little regard for neither timeliness nor cleanliness. We noted where these subterranean vehicles…

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Drawing From Home

Our friends over at Huxter Goods have a beautiful shop – the kind of shop that looks perfect with just a little bit of sand on the floor, but purveys finely-made and carefully curated items. They asked me to create some illustrations that represent all of the essential Rhode Island summer supplies.  To me this…

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Mofon•GO: The Story of a Risk Taker

“I don’t know what this is going to be in two years, five years, ten years, twenty years…I know what it’s going to be tomorrow.” One year ago, Brendan and I made our move from metropolis to open road, leaving the comfortable harbor of NYC and embarking on an adventure with no guarantees and no…

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The Great Wide Open

“Wake up and get out here!  You can’t miss this!”  I yelled to Brendan after emerging from our tent in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain Wilderness.  After a near sleepless night, camping bear-adjacent, I stumbled out to find the Sawtooth Mountains perfectly reflected in the lake – not another human soul in sight, not a breath of air disturbing…

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The Shea Axe-5

The Shea Axe

Recently, our friends at United By Blue asked us to design the markings for one of their new Made In America axes.  The answer was a resounding YES!   With so many beautiful colors to choose from, we immediately began looking through photos from our adventures for inspiration.  Would the axe reflect the jagged mountains at…

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Emails for Breakfast

Eggs, bacon, and coffee have become our morning ritual. A routine that includes relaxation, conversation, and many new ideas. We treasure each morning like this, each over-burnt bacon strip, each kind-of-dirty plate, because breakfast was not always like this. Breakfast was not in the thesaurus of life’s pleasantries, nor classified as the day’s most important…

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The Five Stages of Van Maintenence

I sigh quietly as I shut the driver’s side door and make my way around to the back, trying to avoid letting Kelly know just how nervous and frustrated I am at Bernice [our 84 VW Vanagon camper-van]. Another day, another breakdown — and this day I’m trying to keep it mechanical and not emotional.…

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Antique Yacht-1 (1)

Antique Yacht Ride

I was sitting on an antique wooden boat [for the first time in my life] draining the last drops of my Corona [for definitely not the first nor last time]. Alana went below to grab a couple more bottles when I felt a wash of satisfaction come over me. The day had started the day…

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Pemaquid Merchantile

Brendan and I had been talking a lot about the notion that people make a place and how many of those people it takes to make a community. Neither of us had been to Maine since we were kids on vacation (highlights at that age were the LLBean outlet and chocolate lobster pops), but had…

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Why Brendan Left-1

Why Brendan Left

“STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS PLEASE.” The New York City subway lies to the extremes of, but rarely settles between, intriguing and loathing. A place for all people to commute, perform, and live — each subway car concocting its own emotion-rich stew. The train slams as the tracks bend toward Manhattan, eluding any semblance…

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Why Kelly Left-1

Why Kelly Left

There were lines blown in the sand, seeming as though the waves kissing shore had suddenly dried, to be preserved forever in wavy perfection. We hesitated to step onto the sand for fear of disturbing such natural order, paused a moment before bending toward the twenty degree winds blowing in from Block Island. Moments before,…

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