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The Last Fisherman

Photos from an afternoon with our neighbor, Rhode Island legend and septuagenarian fisherman, Bill Beattie.  We shared fried oysters with his Portuguese water dog Cruz and explored the odds and ends of antiquity in his attic perch.  He showed me a cartoon projector fueled by kerosene and a telescope made by his father to look at the moon.  He had left at 4:30am morning for a morning of fishing on his boat called “Therapy” (not the smaller one called “A Little Therapy”) and scorned the fleeing of hake and cod to colder waters, now further north.  He collects glass bottles, 100 year-old fishing lures, and baseball caps that he finds floating in the water.  He makes model boats, finishes the daily crossword puzzle in 10 minutes flat with a pen, and gifts his friends and family with freeze-packed lobster for Christmas.  He introduced me to the surprisingly salty sweet taste of a raw scallop and tracks the migration of the ospreys that live behind the house on the platform that he built.

He loves the ocean more than anything else and has the right tool to fix anything.  If people around town ask where we live, we just say the house with the buoys and we love that.