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Kelly Shea

Out of college, Kelly got her dream job working for Ralph Lauren; creating the ads that used to hang on her bedroom walls, working on campaigns that spanned from the Dakotas to Dubai. She managed global branding, worked on campaigns from conception to completion and executed omni-channel advertising strategies. In creative pursuit, she set out independently as a set designer and prop stylist, building visual voice in photography through objects, colors, and textures. Through it all, Kelly has contributed textually as a lifestyle writer, lending her words to the description of the beautiful and unique.

Brendan H. Banks

Since figuring out how to turn on a camera, Brendan has followed his passion for moving images. His creativity and abilities in all stages of production have led him to roles such as Commercial Director for CH Media, Supervising Producer for ApK, and Director of Post Production for Vampire Weekend music videos. With an all-encompassing approach to creating, Brendan’s work makes a distinct connection with its viewers. Whether it’s managing a crew of dozens of people or heading out into the wilderness alone with a camera — he captures what serves the story best.

Vancrafted Studios

Vancrafted Studios is the collaborative creative force behind the Vancrafted adventures.  It’s where we take ideas and turn them into content, take people, places, and things and turn them into stories.  Our backgrounds in both still and moving imagery, social media, design, and storytelling have led us to form Vancrafted Studios, where we work, make, and move with companies that we love.  We are flexible, fully scalable, and always looking for a new visual challenge.

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